Kenotek Ypres Rally
22nd to 25th June 2016
Proof listed as one of the most popular and most raised of the Belgian an international calendar, the Ypres Rally kept its promisses, proving that it remains a long drawn and challenging practice for both, crews and mechanics.

Freddy Loix and Johan Gitsels (Skoda Fabia R5) won the Ypres Rally, sixth round of the Belgian Rally Championship, but also sixth round of the European Rally Championship. At the end of the first loop of Saturday, Freddy Loix seized the top spot and, despite the pressure imposed by his opponents, would never abandon it. Kris Princen finished in 2nd place in front of Bernd Casier.
This victory of Freddy Loix in Ypres enables him to present impressive statistics. This is indeed its 11th victory in Ypres, the 4th in row, 3rd with Johan Gitsels and the 7th consecutive for Skoda. This victory of Freddy in Ypres is also the sixth consecutive this year in the Belgian Rally Championship, allowing Freddy Loix and Johan Gitsels to be assured of the title before the summer break. This title is the fourth consecutive for Freddy Loix.

On Belgian side, and in spite of the 2nd place - unexpected! - Kris Princen (Peugeot 208 T16 R5), we particulary note the performance of Vincent Verschueren (Skoda Fabia R5) and Bernd Casier (Ford Fiesta R5). Sick at the end, the first - very deserving given the circumstances - has accumulated small mistakes on the lest chronos, at the point of falling from a podium that seemed devolved upon it, precisely to benefit Casier. A fine reward for this last, so true is it that it has often been unlucky here, especially as his participations at rally are scarce. This only gives more value to this delivering, he punctuates a scrtch on the final chrono.
Another nice return, that of Piter Tsjoen (Ford Fiesta R5), which took over the steering wheel with some success. And then there Claudie Tanghe (Ford Fiesta R5), to finally win against Jaromir Tarabus (Skoda Fabia R5) after a duel that was exciting, the one and the other passing and repassing during several stages. At the end, seven Belgians are in the top 10 (Tanghe is Belgian, but he drives wth a French license), including 3 on the podium.

During this particularly animated edition of the Ypres Rally, the drivers of the Citroën Junior Team Belux haven't necessarily served by luck, success is refusing to them in the Westhoek. By Friday evening, Guillaume Dilley was throwing down the gauntlet. Very delayed by a puncture in the frst stage, Kevin Demaerschalk then signed very good times, making a spectacular comeback that ended at the 9th place overall.
Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver Car Team
1 10 Loix / Gitsels Skoda Fabia R5 2C Compétition
2 6 Princen / Kaspers Peugeot 208 T16 R5 DG Sport
3 12 Casier / Vyncke Ford Fiesta R5 Team Floral
4 9 Kobus / De Wild Skoda Fabia R5 Kobus Tuning Competition
5 4 Verschueren / Hostens Skoda Fabia R5 Go-Drive Racing
6 8 Tsjoen / Chevaillier Ford Fiesta R5  
7 7 Tarabus / Trunkat Skoda Fabia R5 T&T Czech National Team
8 21 Tanghe / Cuvelier Ford Fiesta R5 Team Floral
9 14 Demaerschalk / Eelbode Citroën DS3 R5 J-Motorsport
10 26 Tlustak / Kucera Skoda Fabia R5 Tlustak Racing