Spa Six Hours
15th to 17th September 2017
A total success! For the 25th edition of the Spa Six Hours meeting, the bright forces of Roadbook Organisation had empasized on competition, welcoming some of the best european series on the historic racing front.

The flagship event of this meeting is this that gives his name at the event, the Spa Six Hours Endurance. A race that proposed a great quality clash between... 16 Ford GT40's present at the start! If the GT40 no.9 of Frank Stippler, Michael Funke and Greg Nolte was a long time at the head of the ranking, she had to drop the flag in front of the no.55 of the British specialists Chris Ward and Andrew Smith, that unhook their first victory in the Ardenner classical. It was the 7th successive success of a GT40, the 12th victory of a legendary Ford in a quarter of a century.

The GT40's monopolized the final Top 5 with Jason Wright, Michael Gans and Andy Wolfe on the smaller step of the podium, before Shaun Lynn and Andrew Haddon firstly, Markus Graf Von Oeynhausen and the young Belgian Nico Verdonck secondly. It's the superb Aston Martin DB4 GT DP214 of Wolfgang Friedrichs, Simon Hadfield and Michael Mallock, who is imposed as the best of the rest, offering a sparkling 6th place before the exceptionnal Lotus Elan 26R of the British Graham Wilson, Oliver Stirling and David Pittard and the Porsche 904 of Afschin Fatemi and Nicolas D'Ieteren, who find a proudly place in the Top 10 in the middle of more powerful racing cars. To note, on Belgian side, the 19th place of Thierry de Latre du Bosqueau and José Close at the steering of the Shelby Cobra.
Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver Car Team
1 55 Ward / Smith Ford GT40
2 9 Nolte / Stippler / Funke Ford GT40  
3 1 Wright / Gans / Wolfe Ford GT40  
4 17 Lynn / Haddon Ford GT40  
5 3 Graf / Verdonck Ford GT40  
6 87 Friedrichs / Hadfield / Mallock (1st GTS12) Aston Martin DB4 GT DP214  
7 13 Wilson / Stirling / Pittard (1st GTS10) Lotus Elan 26R  
8 104 Fatemi / D'Ieteren Porsche 904  
9 5 Wood / Stretton Ford GT40  
10 26 Davison / Morris Lotus Elan 26R