Legend Boucles @ Bastogne
18th to 19th February 2017
A test outward the norms and a winner that hold everything for himself! The Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2017 finished with the triomph of Thierry Neuville and Nicolas Gilsoul, the duo of the BMA Porsche 911, winning all the stages to impose them in over-grading. If this victory will not change everything at the career of or Belgian duo in WRC, they will complete an amazing popular weekend, ten thousands persons invade Bastogne and his region.
At the end of 18 stages, Neuville drove in front of his team chief Bernard Munster (Porsche 911 RS) while the BMA team realize a great double...which has always can be molt to a triple if Marc Timmers was victim of an off road sunday in the Luxembourger forests. Full benefit for Patrick Snijers (Ford Escort RS) which tug the maimum of his car.
What can we then say of the 4th and 5th place of Guino Kenis (BMW 2002 Ti) and Romain Delhez (Opel Manta Transeurope), which we never thinking at such celebration!

If the race in Legend will be marked by the domination of Thierry Neuville and Nicolas Gilsoul, on the side of the Classic, the variety will be clearly the appointment of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2017. Saturday, Dirk Van Rompuy and Jens Vanoverschelde (Opel Manta B) take the first regularity tests for him, before to let the star to Eric Piraux and Catherine Monard (Renault 5 Alpine Gr.2) at one side, Damien Chaballe and Georges Chalsèche (Volvo 122 S 2P) at the other side. If Van Rompuy-Vanoverschelde give finally up for mechanical breaking, Piraux-Monard taking the head of the race, benefit of a reduced advantage on the other specialists that are Daniel Reuter and Robert Vandevorst (Porsche 914/6).
The Sunday program will be elaborate, with his famous six regularity tests alternating forest roads and small roads, this all with difficult weather conditions. And on Sunday morning, it was cold in the stages, so that the Volvo Amazon of Chaballe-Chalsèche will be suffer, especially in some frozen climbs. A terrain that was perfect for the clever Renault 5 Alpine of Piraux-Monard, that will be take the break, while other names of this well known discipline illustrate them signing some beautifull performances, that it regards Ninane-Simon (Opel Kadett C), Baugnée-Remion (Ford Escort Mk I) or the Italians Olivieri-Rainisio (Ford Anglia 105 E).
Reuter-Vandevorst slowdown by a puncture at the start of the day, Eric Piraux and Catherine Monard didn't ask to occur a brillant victory with their car that remind some Jean Ragnotti at the Rallye Monte-Carlo 1978. The Renault 5 Alpine will go back to Bastogne driving in front of the Volvo 122 S of Chaballe-Chalsèche and the Porsche 914/6 of Reuter-Vandevorst.
Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver Car Team
1 5 Neuville / Gilsoul Porsche Carrera RS BMA Vintage
2 8 Munster / Munster Porsche Carrera RS BMA Vintage
3 3 Snijers / Geraerts Ford Escort RS Glory & Legendary
4 26 Kenis / Vanoverschelde BMW 2002 Ti G&A Motors
5 34 Delhez / Bonaventure Opel Manta Transeurop RD Racing
6 16 Bouvy / Hottelet Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Gr.4 NSI
7 47 Jansen / van den Houdt Ford Escort RS 1600 Mk I L.B. Racing
8 12 Mourgues / Giraudet Ford Escort RS Glory & Legendary
9 20 Caprasse / Razzi Ford Escort RS  
10 40 Glaude / Gerard Volvo 144 S Glaude's Racing
Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver Car Team
1 202 Piraux / Monard Renault 5 Alpine Gr. 2  
2 209 Chaballe / Chalsèche Volvo 122 S 2P  
3 207 Reuter / Vandevorst Porsche 914/6  
4 210 Gengou / Gathy Volvo 142 S B 20  
5 211 Dujardyn / Deplancke Porsche Carrera RS BMA Vintage
6 214 Baugnée / Remion Ford Escort RS 2000 Mk I RGMI
7 215 Ninane / Simon Opel Kadett C  
8 216 Van Dalen / Minguet Ford Escort RS 2000 Mk II
Kronos Vintage
9 224 Miroux / De Moor Datsun 240 Z  
10 208 Baillet / Baillet Porsche 911