Legend Boucles de Spa
13th to 15th February 2014
Second consecutive win for the driver of Cul-des-Sarts after a magnificent fight with the Porsche 911 Safari of Grégoire De Mevius and the Opel Manta-A 1900 of Cédric Cherain.

Buy unseasonably mild temparatures for the season, with generally very dry RT's, the publc, but many very disciplined, was enthousiastic about the fight between the top five or six drivers.

Victims of a broken gearbox on his Alfa GTV6 at the end of RT2 of Stoumont, Bruno Thiry was the first tenor to give up.
Second in 2013, Bernard Munster (finally ascended 6th) lost also immediately any chance of success due to the replacement of the clutch of his Porsche Carrera RS.

Althought well start, the guest star Alister McRae slipped back somewhat during the day after being embarrassed by the Renault 5 Turbo of Paul Chieusse during the first pass at Cobru and then handicapped by his ignorance of night terrain.

The afternoon of the Legend Boucles de Spa 2014 was marked by the passage of the cars in the region of Bastogne, but also by the cancellation of RT9, that of Stoumont 2, following the crash of the Dutchman Kevin Abbring, whose Volkswagen Golf II ex-official made a barrel. No ill for the crew, fortunately.
If Grégoire De Mevius has long led the debate, François Duval took control after RT Creppe, finding himself with a lead of 2.19 points on the man of Namur.

Behind the two strong men of the 2014 edition, Cédric Cherain clings to the provisional podium (+3.97 points), ahead no less than Jean-Pierre Van de Wauwer (+19.92 points), Alister McRae (+22.56 points), Marc Timmers (+27.05 points) and Patrick Snijers (+30.90 points).
Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver Car Team
1 1 Duval / Bourdeaud'hui Ford Escort RS 1800 Mk II RS Rallying Solutions
2 2 De Mevius / Leyh Porsche 911 Safari BMA Vintage
3 14 Cherain / Deru Opel Manta-A 1900 RD Racing
4 7 Van de Wauwer / Marnette Lancia Beta Monte Carlo  
5 18 Timmers / Chalseche Opel Ascona A 1900 RD Racing
6 11 Munster / Gitsels Porsche Carrera RS BMA Vintage
7 3 McRae / Prévot Ford Escort RS Rallying Solutions
8 16 de Spa / Lopes Ford Escort RS 1600  
9 23 Gaban / André Porsche 911 Carrera LLM Meca Sport
10 38 Kleinwächter / Kleinwächter Porsche 911 SC  
Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver Car Team
1 203 Crucifix / Caldeira Porsche 911 Carrera  
2 202 Van Rompuy / Vanoverschelde Opel Ascona B 1900  
3 207 Reuter / Vandervorst Porsche 914/6  
4 213 Vanderspinnen / Vanoverschelde Ford Cortina Lotus  
5 201 Deflandre / Chapa Porsche Carrera RS  
6 215 Magdziarek / Lhomme BMW 2800 CS  
7 220 Chaballe / Koen Volvo 122 S  
8 229 Deplancke / Deplancke Porsche 911 Carrera  
9 204 Gengou / Gathy Volvo 142 S B 20  
10 247 Van Houdenhove / Aubertin Opel Manta B - GTE