Legend Boucles de Spa
17th to 18th February 2012
Dream entry list, legends start driving rally jewels, amazing routes, fabulous atmosphere and an incredible number of spectators. Now famous all over the world, the Legend Boucles de Spa carry on to overcome the limits and improve each season. Important efforts are still done on different levels to make the rally the unforgettable moment of the year.

Despite the cold and almost incessant rain making the roads muddy and particularly slippery, the public has once again responded in mass to the call of the orgnizers of the 7th Legend Boucles de Spa.

If the day began with a neutralization... bacaus of indiscipline in the public, while returning more of less in the order thereafter and fighting began. As to the timing problems, they could began... again. Less severe than last year, yes, but once again the electronics has shown its limits. That didin't stop Patrick Snijers and Didier Auriol to add their names to the list of retirements, alongside Pascal Gaban, Freddy Loix and Stefaan Stouf.

Like last year, François Duval was able to fight for victory, just as also a certain... Thierry Neuville, sparkling in the Citroën Visa 1000 Pistes Gr.B. Unfortunately for Duval, he finally gave up his turn. It isn't yet time for this, but François could console himself with the Audience Award, rewarding the most spectacular driver.

The radius of very good surprises, it points to the 4th place of Kevin Demaerschalk and Laurent Dujacquier present where we don't necessarly expect. They were ahead of a Fred Bouvy who now plays with the best specialists of the Boucles. The Lareppe have also done their reputation (6th), as well the father and son Brasseur, 9th, and the duo van de Poele-Eggermont, 10th.

This time they got their victory! Always fight for victory, but never winners, Jean-Pierre Van de Wauwer and Eric Marnette beat the jinx, winning a great succes at the end of the 7th Legend Boucles de Spa. An edition marked by difficult weather conditions, who collected the facts of the race before swearing the most charismatic driver of the area of Verviers.
Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver Car Team
1 17 Van de Wauwer / Marnette Lancia Beta Monte Carlo  
2 43 Horgnies / Pirotte Porsche 911  
3 20 Droogmans / Vangrieken Porsche 911 S Delahaye Classic
4 35 Demaerschalk / Dujacquier Ford Escort Mk I  
5 38 Bouvy / Toubon Ford Escort Gr.4  
6 32 Lareppe / Lareppe Opel Kadette GT/E  
7 3 Waldegaard / Prévot Ferrari 308 GTB Gr.4 RS Rallying Solutions
8 8 Lotterer / Fortin Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Gr.3  
9 46 Brasseur / Brasseur Porsche Carrera  
10 24 van de Poele / Eggermont Porsche 911 gr.4 SG Racing
Pos. No. Driver / Co-driver Car Team
1 219 Horgnies / Albert Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF  
2 213 De Munck / Vanoverschelde Lada 1600 Gr.2  
3 214 Tannier / Panier Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF  
4 208 Moerenhout / Vanoverschelde Lada VFTS Gr.2  
5 203 Delincé / Minguet Ford Escort RS 2000 Mk I  
6 207 Dahm / Lienne Alfa Romeo GTV 2000  
7 202 Verhelle / Thirionet Ford Cortina GT  
8 218 Dujardin / Suarez-Martinez Ford Escort Mk I  
9 209 M'Body / D'Alleine Ford Escort Mk I  
10 204 Gengou / Gathy Volvo 142